First in the country – Freshly brewed tank beer!

Forries history of beer dates back as far as 1852 and it is therefore fitting that we should be one of the first establishments in the country to be serving the iconic Castle Draught 1895.

The huge copper tanks are quite spectacular and complement the newly renovated ambiance of Foresters Arms.

Castle 1895 Draught has brought a new beer experience to Africa by offering Brewery Fresh Tank Beer, unpasteurised and straight from the Newlands Brewery.

Previously only available to South African Breweries brew masters themselves, Brewery Fresh Castle 1895 Draught Tank beer is piped directly from Newlands Brewery’s tanks into a dedicated “Fresh Beer Truck”, straight to 500L copper tanks and in to your glass – all in a matter of hours after it has been brewed.

“Nearly all South African beer is pasteurised to afford it a longer shelf life, but during this process some of beer’s lively characteristics can be diminished,” said Denis da Silva Trade Brewer at SAB. “However, with good hygiene and short delivery lead times, pasteurisation is not necessary.”

Tank beer allows consumers to enjoy the experience of draught beer at its best.

With its smooth taste, the BreweryFresh Tank Beer pairs beautifully with food.

“Beer is an exciting pairing partner as it works beautifully with food on a number of levels – everything from a flavour perspective all the way to the cleansing mouth feel. Castle 1895 Draught’s Brewery Fresh Tank Beer goes a long way to ticking all those pairing criteria,” said Goffe-Wood.

Come and experience FRESH TANK BEER for yourself at Foresters Arms Pub & Restaurant!

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