First in the country – Freshly brewed tank beer!

Forries history of beer dates back as far as 1852 and it is therefore fitting that we should be one of the first establishments in the country to be serving the iconic Castle Draught 1895.

The huge copper tanks are quite spectacular and complement the newly renovated ambiance of Foresters Arms.

Castle 1895 Draught has brought a new beer experience to Africa by offering Brewery Fresh Tank Beer, unpasteurised and straight from the Newlands Brewery.

Previously only available to South African Breweries brew masters themselves, Brewery Fresh Castle 1895 Draught Tank beer is piped directly from Newlands Brewery’s tanks into a dedicated “Fresh Beer Truck”, straight to 500L copper tanks and in to your glass – all in a matter of hours after it has been brewed.

“Nearly all South African beer is pasteurised to afford it a longer shelf life, but during this process some of beer’s lively characteristics can be diminished,” said Denis da Silva Trade Brewer at SAB. “However, with good hygiene and short delivery lead times, pasteurisation is not necessary.”

Tank beer allows consumers to enjoy the experience of draught beer at its best.

With its smooth taste, the BreweryFresh Tank Beer pairs beautifully with food.

“Beer is an exciting pairing partner as it works beautifully with food on a number of levels – everything from a flavour perspective all the way to the cleansing mouth feel. Castle 1895 Draught’s Brewery Fresh Tank Beer goes a long way to ticking all those pairing criteria,” said Goffe-Wood.

Come and experience FRESH TANK BEER for yourself at Foresters Arms Pub & Restaurant!


Forries Mavericks is a UCT Internal League hockey team!

As the captain of the team says: ‘Mavericks has a long standing reputation for consisting of good hockey players and people who fall under a certain ethos of being more than just hockey players and along the lines of good people to be around. In addition to this, we’ve won the league on numerous occasions and are leading the league at this stage.’

Forries Mavericks Hockey Team

Forries is proud to be supporting them!


27th September 2014 – what a great day for South Africa as our Springbok Rugby Team successfully slammed the Wallabies into the ground with a 28/10 win!

Forries was a-hum with pre-match enthusiasm and after-match celebrations.
We had on outside tent with on-going promotions of Klippies, Cuervo Gold, buckets of beer and many others.

We also had a very successful raffle to support St Lukes Hospice.

Lovely day all round, thanks to all our customers who show enjoyment at a Forries fun day!



Foresters Arms is proud to introduce to you our new Beer Cellar where we have a fine selection of Draught Beer on tap.

The cellar is a unique idea to South Africa.

Whilst all the brick and clad mortar dates back many years the channels of beer are now all running underground to our beer taps in the front bar. Our specially designed copper and bronze taps can accommodate up to 40 different types of draughts.

You will find as you enter the cellar on the wall to the left interesting reading of the titbits of facts of the above throughout history. On the back wall you will find all the ingredients and recipes on how to make beer. On the right hand wall you will see memorabilia along with rolling slides of customers testimonials and their introduction to ‘Forries’ as we are fondly known, pictures of our Forries rugby teams, customers and even customer-streakers, along with other information. In the centre of the cellar you will find the heart of it with all the draught beers we have on offer displayed.

The cellar is a growing project with more information being consistently added. If you have an interesting story you may like to share, when and how you were first introduced to Forries please give your details to a manager on duty. We would love to contact you and add your story to our growing history.

For your pleasure, we have introduced Beer Tastings, which can be done individually or as group functions.
You can also choose to do a blind tasting to test your palate and your skills in identifying the different beers!

The New Look Forries

New Forries


Forries is looking awesome!!

Inside the restaurant it is lighter, brighter and open with two attractive fire-places to ward off the winter chill. Outside is still as pleasant as ever with tables under arbours of ivy, bougainvillea and honey-suckle.

For winter comfort there is a canopy that is drawn over to protect our customers from the icy winter winds, but yet still able to enjoy the beauty of the Forries garden.

Our menu has been changed to include our Forries Picadas. Picadas are similar to Tapas – they are bite size morsels of taste sensation.

Perfect to whet the appetite! Our a’ la carte and pizza menus have some exciting additions, all beautifully prepared and presented, and our new home-baked flatbreads have proven to be very popular.

We also have a Beer Tasting Cellar. With close on 20 draughts currently on tap and with the eventual capacity for 49 draughts, this provides the perfect opportunity to test-taste some of the new craft beers that are on the market and part of the Forries stable.

Take a stroll through our beer cellar and catch the history of beer making in Newlands from the first beer ever brewed in the area.

Join us at Forries for a special experience!

The 2014 2 OCEANS MARATHON at Forries!



The Forries Finish-Line’ is a signature event day for Forries!

When: 19th April 2014

Time: 9.00am until late

Celebrate the success of the 2 Oceans Marathon with an awesome after-party at Forries!

Join us for a day of fun and festivities – live music, entertainment, prizes, promotions and more ….

Official Launch of the New Look Forries!

New Look Forries


Launch Date Wednesday 19th March 2014!

It has been an exciting time for us watching the transformation of Forries and we are pleased and proud to announce that we are launching our new-look Forries on Wednesday 19th March 2014 from 5.00pm.

We are particularly pleased with our new interactive cellar which has been designed to enhance your beer experience as it documents the history of Forries beer and Newlands.

We will shortly be introducing nouveau beer tastings under the guidance of our qualified staff, where you will be able to sample some of the 30-plus different draughts that will be stored in the cellar.

We have introduced an even more extensive wine cellar and are pleased to be able to showcase a variety of our great South African wines.

Our brand new state of the art kitchen is producing magical meals off our new menu.

Particularly successful has been the introduction of our Picadas and flatbreads.

Picadas are a gourmet’s delight because you get a variety of different tastes depending on what you feel like and our flatbreads are baked on the premises and have a variety of exciting toppings.

Come and enjoy the new-look Forries experience!

Forries renovations near an end!



Forries has undergone some radical surgery over the past few months and the result is going to be a new and improved Forries.

Renovations are now in their final stages and we are sure you will be as excited and impressed with the face-lift as we are.
The whole of Forries has been gloriously opened up, which makes it feel lighter and brighter.
We have fitted a beautiful new bar and bar counter, a state of the art open cellar, a sunny deck outside the front and a canopy over the garden area.

Our brand spanking new kitchen is fully operational and churning out delicious meals from our new and innovative menu under the guidance of our own master chef, and our new Pizza oven adds another dimension to the taste of a good pizza.

There are still lots of finishing touches to be done, but we invite you to come in for a drink and a meal from our new menu and experience our stunning, new image, ….. FORRIES

2013 Valedictory Ceremonies at Forries

Valedictory Ceremonies


Valedictory ceremonies take place at this time of the year in all our schools for Matric learners who have written their prelims and are ready to write their final exams and then leave school. The schools in our surrounding area – SACS, Bishops, Rondebosch, Wynberg, Rustenberg, Reddam and Westerford – have chosen Forries as their favoured venue to celebrate the end of their 12 years of schooling slog.

Each school will reserve an area at Forries and after the Valedictory ceremony at their respective schools, they will arrive en masse, with their parents, to celebrate the end of their schooling years, with enormous verve and vigour, and sometimes …. drunkenness! This congregation of schools on the same territory can sometimes be quite interesting, as the rivalry between schools on the sporting and academic ground is subversively carried through to the celebrations and one will find one school singing their ‘wakas’ more loudly than the next door school.

It is generally seen as a release from the shackles and rigours of being a ‘learner’ and a readiness for entering the ‘big world’.

They still have their final exams to write, but the celebration at Forries is kind of an interim blast, before they have to knuckle down and study for the last hurdle.

“And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”
-T. S. Eliot.

Forries walks hand-in-hand with ‘Forries & Save the Rhino Funds’!

Forries & Save the Rhino Funds


The 28th September 2013 was a big day for South Africa – the Springboks were playing against Australia in the finals of the International Rugby Tour, and to Cape Town’s delight, they were playing at Newlands.

Rugby matches at Newlands are particularly busy days at Forries, and a match of this magnitude was expected to be one of the best with supporters of both sides coming out in droves.

Forries decided that this was the ideal opportunity to garner some interest for our chosen charities – those that are involved with SAVING OUR RHINOS. With the generous help of our sponsors and other eager and willing helpers, Forries was able to put together 20 hampers, filled with an interesting collection of exotic wines, beers and paraphernalia, and also a Weber braai! – all of which were raffled off with proceeds going to the charities.

In addition to the hampers, there were other fun events organized, the proceeds of which also went to the charities.

It was hugely successful. Forries collected a whopping R17,000!!

Warm thanks to all our generous sponsors and customers.