Chicken Pie - Foresters Arms

Forries Famous Chicken Pie

Chef’s choice of white wine garlic, cream, crisp pastry top chicken pie served with a side portion of chips. The ideal delicious pub lunch.

I have never had a bad meal, drink or experience at Forries. Not in the last 30’odd years that is.
So if that isn’t amazing excellence and consistency then I don’t know. – Richard Field

Done With Lunch?

Try Our Traditional Beer Tasting

Foresters Arms Pub

Foresters Arms is proud to introduce to you our new Nouveau Beer Cellar where we have a fine selection of Draught Beer on tap. 

The cellar is a unique idea to South Africa.

Whilst all the brick and clad mortar dates back many years the channels of beer are now all running underground to our beer taps in the front bar. Our specially designed copper and bronze taps can accommodate up to 40 different types of draughts.

You will find as you enter the cellar on the wall to the left interesting reading of the titbits of facts of the above throughout history. On the back wall you will find all the ingredients and recipes on how to make beer. On the right hand wall you will see memorabilia along with rolling slides of customers testimonials and their introduction to ‘Forries’ as we are fondly known, pictures of our Forries rugby teams, customers and  even customer-streakers, along with other information. In the centre of the cellar you will find the heart of it with all the draught beers we have on offer displayed.

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