Nice warm classic old pub, spectacular wooden construction. Seating indoors and outside with lovely plants and trees. Dog and kid friendly with a jungle gym. Standard beers available fresh from the Newlands brewery, CBC and some craft options as well. 🍻

Caleb Smit

I have been going to this outstanding pub for many years. The service, the food and the beer have always been top quality, but ny favourite things there are the relaxed atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff. I will be going there many many times in the future!!

Noel Pratten

I have never had a bad meal, drink or experience at Forries. Not in the last 30'odd years that is. So if that isn't amazing excellence and consistency then I don't know.

Richard Field

A historical establishment to have a great meal with friends and family with a large selection of beer and wine!

Mike Furmston

Great service and the food and drinks were delicious. The safety protocols are well in place with the waitrons and patrons observing all necessary behaviour.

Niel Taylor