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Choosing kid friendly restaurants in Cape Town for a family outing can be rather a daunting task, especially when you have little ones in tow. In this blog post, we will explore the key factors to consider when looking for a kid friendly restaurant. As our prime example, we’ll delve into how Forries, situated in Newlands, Cape Town, excels in meeting all these important criteria.

Does the Kid Friendly Restaurant Have a Child-Centric Menu?

As a parent, finding a restaurant with a well-thought-out kid’s menu is like hitting the jackpot. It’s not just about offering smaller portions or creating overly simplified dishes. It is about finding options that cater to your child’s unique tastes and nutritional needs.

Mother and Daughter Eating Desert

According to The Guardian, children are born with over 30 000 tastebuds, which means that for them, tasting food can be quite an acute experience. This explains why it can be difficult at times to get children to eat certain foods (even if they are good for them) and also why they enjoy the comfort of familiar favourites. Many children are partial to foods with simple, familiar flavours and textures. Striking the perfect balance for a kid-friendly menu can be challenging, but when a restaurant, such as Foresters Arms pub and restaurant in Newlands, gets it right, it can quickly become your go-to spot.

Kids eating Fries

Forrie’s current menu offers a wide range of delicious meals for those who are under 12 years old, as we are committed to offering a diverse, nutritious, and kid friendly restaurant menu. From a juicy beef burger to crispy battered hake, chicken strips and the always firm-favourite Margherita pizza, there is something for just about every taste bud. For those little mouths who enjoy a more creative pizza, it is also possible to add toppings, such as ham and bacon for the meat-eaters or pineapple and mushrooms for the vegetarians.

Are There Safe and Engaging Play Areas in the Kid Friendly Restaurant?

The need for restaurants to incorporate safe and enjoyable play areas for children is important, as a well-designed, kid friendly restaurant play area signals that the establishment values its youngest customers and understands the dynamics of family dining.

kid friendly restaurant - Kids playing

Restaurants with a kids play area also allow parents and caregivers time and space to enjoy their meals with other family and friends in peace while also keeping the kids entertained. Dining out is not only about food but also an opportunity to create memorable experiences for the whole family. 

If you are looking for a kids restaurants with play areas, Forries in Newlands is one of the where children can engage in fun, age-appropriate activities, interact with other children, and expend their boundless energy in a safe and secure environment. The restaurant garden area is equipped with a wonderfully large jungle gym climbing area and numerous swings where the kids can climb around to their heart’s content.

The area also has numerous tables and benches for those who would rather have their eyes on the little ones at all times. For those children who prefer a quieter, artsy way of spending time, there are also sand art and activity sets available. Foresters Arms is one of the best child-friendly restaurants in Newlands and will definitely have something to keep every child busy for hours.

Does the Restaurant Have Accommodating Staff?

Going out to restaurants with children can be stressful enough without having to deal with staff who are impatient, uncaring, or slow to bring out orders, so as a parent or caregiver, one of the most significant aspects when dining out with family is the presence of welcoming and attentive staff at the restaurant. The attitude and professionalism of the staff can greatly influence your dining experience, often tipping the scales between an enjoyable outing and a stressful situation.v

A warm welcome already sets the tone for your visit and can make you feel valued and appreciated. Having welcoming staff shows that the establishment recognises the importance of each customer, regardless of their age, and this initial interaction can reassure you that you have chosen the right place to enjoy your meal as a family.

Friendly Staff

But the role of the staff extends far beyond the initial welcome. Attentiveness is crucial, especially when catering to families. Children can, unfortunately, be unpredictable at times. They might spill their drinks, drop their cutlery, or decide at the last minute that they want something else from the menu. An attentive staff at a kid friendly restaurant that responds quickly and graciously to such situations can turn potential moments of embarrassment or frustration into a non-event.

Staff who engage positively with children by offering them activity sets, discussing the kid-friendly options on the menu, or simply talking to them in a friendly manner can contribute to a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. It also demonstrates a level of understanding and empathy towards the unique challenges that caregivers often face when dining out with young ones.

What Makes the Staff at Forries Stand Out?

Forries pub and restaurant has a long-standing reputation for its child-friendly staff, who go the extra mile to make families feel comfortable. On arrival, our staff will make sure that you are seated at the most appropriate spot for your group in our kid friendly restaurant and will make you aware of any service we offer that could make your life easier, such as sitting in the garden area by the playground, getting a high-chair, or even being given activity sets.

Owner of Forries and Kids

We aim to make food arrive as quickly as possible, as we know that children can be a bit impatient at times, and our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you with any questions you might have related to the menu. If you do make use of our online booking system, you will also easily be able to choose which area you would like to sit in.

Can You Host Family-Centric Events at The Restaurant?

Throughout the year, Forester’s Arms hosts family-centered events. From Sunday lunch and Easter egg hunts at Easter to St. Paddy’s Day, kids’ face painting and sand art, we will have something for everyone at our kid friendly restaurant!

Easter Egg Hunt

We can also host family-friendly events, so if you have a family birthday coming up or an anniversary you’d like to celebrate, please call Forries if you would like to use us as a venue for your event.

To stay up-to-date on all that is happening at Forries, follow our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Check Recommendations and Reviews

When choosing a kid friendly restaurant, it is essential to check reviews from other parents to ensure it will be a fun and safe family outing. Here are some of the things that our wonderful customers have to say about our kid friendly restaurant:

“Beautiful play area, close enough for parents to relax while the kiddies enjoy. We had breakfast to die for today. It was lovely. The kids even have their own toilet situated right next to the play area. We often come for lunch, but this was our first breakfast, and it was surprisingly quiet and serene. We highly recommend.” – Stash

“Had a lovely lunch with my son. Pizza was devine and service was great. Had a lovely and very friendly waiter Tesla. Thank you ” – Tania

“This is a really great place to sit down, relax and watch the kiddies play right next to you at the outdoor playground. In summer, it’s always nice and cool as the trees spend a lot of shade and you can enjoy some good food and drinks either inside or outside. They also have a little kiddies bathroom installed outside with tiny toilets and changing facilities. And something special: if your phone runs out of battery or is already dead, you can charge it during your stay at their specific cell phone charging station. We love their pizzas and burgers, but they have quite a few other things on the menu including a kids menu” – Judith

“Very happy kids mean very happy family! Lovely play area. Incredible caring service from our waiter Joseph and the manager. Food absolutely faultless. Highly recommend Banting pizza.” – Gina

Searching for a Kid Friendly Restaurant? Book a Table at Forries!

There is no more need to search the internet for ‘family friendly restaurants near me’, ‘kid friendly restaurants near me’ or ‘child friendly restaurants near me’. Forester’s Arms pub and restaurant in Newlands is truly one of the best family-friendly restaurants in Cape Town, where you and your nearest and dearest can enjoy a special time together.

To make a booking at our kid friendly restaurant, you can use our convenient online booking system or give us a call on +27 21 689 5949.

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