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Employee Feature: From Waiter to Manager in 7 Years

In this Forester’s Arms employee feature, we are going to shine the spotlight on our Front of House Manager, George, who has worked his way up through the ranks in just seven short years.

He started off as a humble waiter and learned the ropes of the hospitality industry before making his move into management. We asked him to share his journey with us, some of the lessons he has learnt along the way and what he loves most about Forries.

I became a head waiter in 2010/2011, and in 2016, I got an offer to become Front of House Manager at Forries.”

George (Front Of House Manager)

From Humble Waiter To Manager: George’s Journey

When did you start at Forries?

“I started at Forries in 2009; I arrived in South Africa in December 2008. I initially worked at an events management company, but it wasn’t sustainable. Luckily, I stumbled across Forries, and they liked me; I started off as a waiter from scratch because I had no experience in the restaurant industry.

What have you learned in your new role as Front of House Manager?

“I have learnt a lot, especially how to relate to people from different backgrounds and different levels of education. All of the kitchen staff, waiters and customers are all from diverse backgrounds. 

I feel that these lessons have solidified my character, and even on the days when I crumble or struggle, the lessons I have learned help me overcome my struggles. 

Through the blessings of Lorraine, I have learnt how to run a restaurant. She has taught me so much, but most importantly, how to interact with other people.”

Employee Feature George Foresters Arms

What is your favourite thing about Forries?

“Personally, I love customer interactions. When I was a young man, I was a member of the Lions Club (Leo’s). We were taught how to interact with people, how to shrug off whatever frustration we may have and how to break the ice. 

Most days, when I wake up, I know my job at Forries is a huge deal. It is never the same every day. You have to think on your toes all the time. I actually cannot work well when there is no pressure!”

What do you love most about working with your team?

“I love my team! They also teach me things, whether they do it silently, or sometimes they talk to me. Sometimes they shock me and even run the shop, and I just sit back and observe. 

Of course, with any team, there are challenges, but I always try and steer them in the right direction. 

Being a manager has shown me how to talk to someone when they are wrong and how to correct them when they are wrong. My favourite saying is, and they will know this one, Right is right, wrong is wrong.”

Employee Feature Forries Barman
Employee Feature Forries Chef

What is your favourite beer and meal at Forries?

“The best beer, I would say, is The Tank Beer! Our steak and stout pies are also excellent. 

But an absolute must-try is the Greek Lamb burger. This is a burger you won’t get anywhere else. You can walk down the street anywhere and get a beef burger, but the Greek Lamb Burger is something special and unique to Forries.”


Thank you for taking the time to read this Forester’s Arms employee feature. We hope you enjoyed reading about George’s journey from waiter to Front of House Manager. 

If you’re looking for the best pub to visit in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, be sure to drop at Forries and say hi to George! And don’t forget to try out the Greek Lamb Burger with an ice-cold Tank Beer; we promise it’s worth it!


The Forester’s Arms Team.

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