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The captivating coastal city of Cape Town offers an array of breathtaking locations to witness the mesmerising beauty of a sunset. If you are looking for the perfect date to spoil that special someone in your life, sundowners in Cape Town is the ultimate way to express your love this Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re seeking a serene beachfront setting or a panoramic vista from a towering peak, Cape Town has a sunset spot that is sure to wow your significant other. In this blog post, we will share what time the sun sets in Cape Town so you can plan your date, as well as some of the best sunset spots, and we will explore why Forries is the ultimate destination for a romantic dinner for two.

What Time Does the Sun Set in Cape Town in Summer?

During the summer months, Cape Town enjoys over 14 hours of daylight, and even in winter, there are still an impressive 10 hours or more of sunlight to revel in. Typically, the sun sets around 8 pm in summer and around 6 pm in winter, with the longest day falling on December 21, offering nearly 14.5 hours of daylight.

Cape Town Sunset

You can use a handy website like this one to find out the exact time that the sun will be setting so that you can ensure you make it to your favourite spot with lots of time to spare to enjoy sundowners in Cape Town.

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The Best Sunset Spots in Cape Town

Here are 5 of the best places to chill in Cape Town and watch the sunset:

1. Lion’s Head for Sundowners in Cape Town

Lion’s Head offers the perfect blend of a picturesque hike and a breathtaking sunset for nature enthusiasts. The leisurely hike, lasting approximately 1.5 hours, culminates in a spectacular view of the setting sun. With free admission and open 24 hours, it’s an accessible option for sunset seekers looking to have sundowners in Cape Town. 

Sundowners Cape Town - Lions Head

Remember to bring along snacks, lots of water, and a light jacket to combat the cool evening breeze at the peak. This hike is best suited for individuals with a moderate level of fitness, and there are ladders to climb to reach the very top.

With the city lights twinkling below and the warm hues of the setting sun casting a magical ambience, Lion’s Head provides an unforgettable setting for both locals and travellers to connect with nature and soak in the awe-inspiring beauty of a Cape Town sunset.

2. Kloof Nek Corner for Sundowners in Cape Town

For those seeking a more accessible option to witness a stunning sunset, Kloof Nek Corner presents a shorter and less challenging alternative to the Lions Head route, offering captivating views over the whole city. Situated within the picturesque Table Mountain National Park, this spot is perfect for nature enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike. 

Sundowners Cape Town - Kloof Nek Corner

Despite the route being made up of mostly stairs, the hike is relatively brief, taking approximately 30-40 minutes at a comfortable pace, making it an ideal choice for a tranquil evening outing. It provides the perfect opportunity to savour your drink of choice while basking in the beauty of the setting sun before heading out to one of the best bars in Cape Town.

3. Glen Beach for Sundowners in Cape Town

Glen Beach, nestled between the renowned beaches of Camps Bay and Clifton, provides a serene setting for embracing the splendour of a coastal sunset. Nestled along Cape Town’s renowned Sunset Strip, Glen Beach provides a tranquil setting, shielded from the bustling crowds and winds typically experienced at other nearby beaches and is a popular destination for families, couples, and surfers alike.

Sundowners Cape Town - Glen Beach

Easily accessible by car and free to visit, it has become a favoured spot to indulge in a swim and a romantic close to the day before heading to a pub and restaurant in Cape Town for dinner afterwards.

4. Sunset Cruise for Sundowners in Cape Town

As the sun begins its descent over the stunning Cape Town skyline, embarking on a sunset boat cruise from the V&A Waterfront offers an unparalleled experience of coastal beauty and tranquillity. With a myriad of options to choose from, including champagne cruises, luxury vessels, and catamaran tours, visitors can indulge in a variety of offerings tailored to create an unforgettable evening sunset boat cruise where you and your friends and family can enjoy drinks in Cape Town.

Sunset Catamaran Tour

Basking in the warm rays of the African sunset, passengers can savour the breathtaking views of the Atlantic coast as well as a Camps Bay sunset without the crowds. These cruises typically range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, providing ample time to unwind and soak in the natural splendour of the ocean whilst sipping on sundowners in Cape Town. Guests can also enjoy the opportunity to spot local marine life, such as dolphins, whales, and seals, adding an enchanting touch to the maritime adventure.

Sundowners Cape Town - Sunset Boat Cruise Waterfront

Whether it’s a romantic escapade for two, a serene outing with friends, or a delightful evening for the whole family, a sunset boat cruise from the V&A Waterfront promises an idyllic setting to create lasting memories. 

5. Saunders Rockpool for Sundowners in Cape Town

Perched on the breathtaking coastline of the city, Saunders Rockpool is a prime destination to enjoy a mesmerising sunset. This idyllic spot, renowned for its spectacular sunset views, is a firm favourite with both locals and visitors alike and provides the perfect setting for a romantic late afternoon.

Sea Point

The tranquil atmosphere and wind-protected beach make it the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the kaleidoscope of colours. Saunders Rockpool is conveniently situated in Sea Point and is easy to get to, making it accessible for the whole family. Whether it’s to unwind after a bustling day or to capture the perfect Instagram-worthy moment, Saunders Rockpool offers an unforgettable sunset-watching experience for Sundowners in Cape Town.

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Dinner at Forester’s Arms

At Forries, one of the trendy bars in Cape Town, we eagerly anticipate your visit to our cosy outdoor dining area this summer. The outdoor seating space at our Forester’s Arms Pub and restaurant in Cape Town is carefully planned to make the most of the city’s lovely summer weather and enjoy a delectable dinner after sundowners in Cape Town.

Forries Outdoor Section

It features ample natural shade from large, leafy trees and vine-covered pergolas for hot days, as well as a convenient sliding roof. The space is also fitted with multiple high-definition screens so sports fans can catch all the action while soaking up the lively outdoor ambience.

The Forries menu has been thoughtfully curated to accommodate a wide range of tastes and dietary needs. Whether you’re a carnivore, vegetarian, or have specific dietary restrictions like gluten intolerance, Forries strives to make your dining experience enjoyable and inclusive.

Forries Banting Pizza

For those seeking plant-based choices, Forries presents an array of vegetarian dishes that are both flavourful and nourishing, including fresh salads, pizzas, and a selection of delectable starters. The menu also caters to individuals with food allergies by featuring banting pizza options.

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Visit Forester’s Arms

If you are looking for the perfect spot to take your significant other for dinner this Valentine’s Day after enjoying the sunset in Cape Town, why not join us at Forries? We will be hosting an intimate evening this Valentine’s Day that is sure to make your loved one feel appreciated. Bookings are essential, and for more information, please keep an eye on social media.

No more need to search for “sundowners near me”, “drinks near me.” or “cool bars in Cape Town”. Simply click on this link to secure your reservation using the booking form, or give us a call at +27 (21) 689 5949. Stay connected with us on our social media platform for the latest updates and discussions and to stay informed about all our activities and events. We can’t wait to welcome you after you have enjoyed a spectacular sundowners in Cape Town!

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