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Cape Town boasts an impressive array of activities and attractions, and one place that should not be overlooked is Newlands.  Nestled at the base of Table Mountain, this enchanting suburb lined with beautiful trees is full of hidden gems. In this blog, we will explore 5 must-do activities for that perfect day in Newlands Cape Town and share why Forries is the ultimate destination to relax, recharge and enjoy all the splendours of summer.

Overlooking Newlands from Table Mountain

What are 5 Must-Do Activities in Newlands Cape Town?

Newlands is filled with amazing things to match every person’s interests. Here are 5 great activities that will help you have the perfect summer’s day:

1. Take an Early Morning Stroll Through Newlands Forest

Newlands Forest in Cape Town, which was first planted in the 1800s by the Dutch East India Company, offers an array of marked trails for various fitness levels. This beautiful and historic forest invites exploration, with numerous unmarked paths diverging from the primary routes. If you are looking for an early morning walk to stir up your senses and get your heart pumping while taking in incredible views, then Newlands Forest must be on your itinerary. 

Make sure to go early as the forest can get quite busy, especially over weekends. As you venture into the forest, you’ll find yourself enveloped by a mix of both lush green forest as well as indigenous vegetation. It provides an idyllic setting for a picnic breakfast amidst the trees or along the river, offering a unique experience for both two-legged and four-legged family and friends.

Newlands Cape Town - Newlands Forest

2. Visit Rhodes Memorial

Situated on the back of Table Mountain, behind the University of Cape Town, Rhodes Memorial is a destination worth visiting for those who enjoy panoramic views and visiting sites of historic significance. It is also the perfect spot to snap some photographs of the memorial and the city for social media!

The memorial has 49 steps you can climb, each representing a year of Rhodes’s life, starting from a semi-circular terrace to a U-shaped monument made up of pillars. Eight majestic bronze lions line the stairway leading to the memorial, which also features a bust of Rhodes himself. It was constructed in Newlands Cape Town, using Cape granite sourced from Table Mountain itself and to add to its charm, a game enclosure housing eland, zebra, and wildebeest can be found just beneath the memorial.

Newlands Cape Town - Rhodes Memorial

3. Grab Lunch and Drinks at Forester’s Arms

Forries is an upmarket pub and restaurant situated in leafy Newlands Cape Town, with various seating options where you can relax and enjoy time with family and friends. There is a cosy inside area with a traditional pub atmosphere and a large outside area with shaded tables under ancient oak trees where you can savour warm summer days and evenings. 

Children are welcome too, of course, and they can expend their endless energy on the jungle gyms in the children’s section or take advantage of the activity sets on offer while the adults enjoy a fresh, ice-cold beer. Friendly four-legged friends are also welcome in the outside area.

The extensive menu has something for everyone, including those who are vegetarian or gluten intolerant, as well as a range of beers, wines and cocktails. Our kiddies’ menu also offers many options, including healthy options.

Forries has televisions situated all around the pub and restaurant, which show all the major sports events, so there is no need to miss any sporting events that may be showing while you enjoy your lunch.

Foresters Arms Front Entrance

4. Visit Kirstenbosch Gardens

Situated at the eastern base of Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Gardens serves as a serene sanctuary from the busy city. With a collection of over 7,000 plant species, many of which are endemic to the region. With its towering trees and streams, it offers a cool hideaway on hot summer days in Newlands Cape Town. 

A visit to Kirstenbosch wouldn’t be complete without exploring the fragrance garden, as here you get to indulge in the delightful aromas of various plants. The medicinal garden, highlighting nature’s healing properties, is another must-see attraction, while a stroll on the Boomslang walkway will give you magnificent views over Cape Town and the gardens themselves. The gardens also offer various shops, a garden nursery and art rooms that can be explored.

Newlands Cape Town - Kirstenbosch Gardens

5. Catch an Exciting T20 Cricket Match at Newlands Cricket Stadium

T20 cricket, also known as Twenty20, is a condensed version of the sport. In a T20 match, each team gets a single innings, limited to a maximum of 20 overs. The proximity of Newlands Cricket Stadium to Kirstenbosch Gardens makes it a convenient destination to witness an exhilarating cricket match in Cape Town. An exciting T20 match is the perfect way to finish off a summer’s day in Newlands Cape Town!

Various T20 games take place throughout the year at the Newlands cricket ground, and the biggest tournament, the SA20, runs from 10 January to 10 February 2024. The SA 20 2024 Newlands cricket fixtures can be found here, and you can register early to be ready once the ticket sales go live.

Newlands Cape Town - Newlands Cricket Stadium

Newlands Accommodation: Where to Stay

Newlands Cape Town boasts a wealth of accommodation options that cater to a range of preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a cosy guest house with a homey feel or a high-end luxury hotel providing top-tier services, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs perfectly in this vibrant area.

The area offers a diverse selection of highly rated properties, each with its own unique charm and appeal. Some properties offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape, while others are praised for their proximity to local attractions. 

Looking for the perfect accommodation in Newlands Cape Town? Here are a few top-rated establishments that you may want to consider for your stay:

Airbnb in Newlands Cape Town

Hotels in Newlands Cape Town

Guest Houses in Newlands Cape Town

Aerial View of Newlands

Forester’s Arms in Newlands Cape Town

Forries is the oldest pub and restaurant in South Africa, and it was established in 1852 by David Williams when he happened to win a large area of land in a raffle. Williams was a forester who made use of the forest for his business ventures. Williams believed in creating pleasant living conditions for his employees and providing them with a space to unwind after strenuous days of work. This resulted in him often inviting them to what was then called ‘The Cottage’ (now Forester’s Arms), where they could enjoy a beer from local breweries. Forester’s Arms grew from there and is still enjoyed as a place to unwind for many locals from Newlands and the surrounding suburbs today. 

It is the perfect place in Newlands Cape Town to relax with an ice-cold draught, eat delicious food, and while away a hot summer’s day with friends and family. If you would like to make a booking, then you can make use of the convenient Dine Plan form on our website  or give us a call on 021 689 5949.

Newlands Cape Town - Forester's Arms

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