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Cape Town is a city with an amazing array of restaurants, offering something for every taste and budget. Spending quality time with friends and family at restaurants with outside seating is a wonderful way to enjoy an afternoon in summer. In this blog, we are going to explore what makes Foresters Arms one of the best outdoor restaurants in Cape Town and why you need to place our pub and restaurant on your activity list this summer.

Outdoor Restaurants in Cape Town: 6 Reasons to Choose Forries

1. Outdoor Seating

Many people search the internet for ‘restaurants with outside seating near me’ in order to find a comfortable and beautiful setting to enjoy time with family and friends. But your search for outdoor restaurants in Cape Town is over because Forester’s Arms is the perfect spot! Our outdoor seating area at Forries is thoughtfully designed to maximise the enjoyment of Cape Town’s beautiful weather. Large, leafy trees and vine-covered pergolas provide natural shade on hot days, while strategically placed heaters keep the area warm on cooler evenings, and sliding roofing keeps the area dry. The space is equipped with multiple high-definition screens, allowing sports enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite games without missing a beat of the vibrant outdoor atmosphere.

Beyond just a place to dine and watch sports, Forries’ outdoor area is also home to its unique herb garden. This lush, aromatic space is not only a feast for the eyes, but it also plays a crucial role in the kitchen. Our restaurant prides itself on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and the herb garden contributes significantly to this endeavour. The chefs incorporate these home-grown herbs into their dishes, enhancing the flavour and freshness of their offerings.

outdoor restaurants in Cape Town - Forries Herb Garden

Foresters Arms has you covered in case of unpredictable weather changes. While outdoor restaurants in Cape Town are lovely, Forries restaurant also offers a warm and welcoming indoor space. If the weather takes a sudden turn, guests have the option to move inside without disrupting their dining experience. The interior is tastefully designed, exuding an ambience of comfort and pub charm that complements the overall vibe of the restaurant. So, whether you’re basking in the sun or seeking shelter from the rain, Forries ensures a pleasant experience, come rain or shine.

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2. Never Miss a Sporting Event

One of the few outdoor restaurants in the city, Forries Pub and Restaurant in Cape Town ensures that you never have to choose between the beauty of the outdoors and the excitement of the game. Our restaurant boasts multiple high-definition screens that are strategically placed so that patrons can comfortably watch a range of sports not only from the inside seating but also from the expansive outdoor seating area. Whether you’re a rugby enthusiast, a cricket fan, or a football follower, Forries is one of the outdoor restaurants in Cape Town that has got you covered.

3. Outdoor Restaurants in Cape Town: Forries is Child Friendly

If you have been searching for outdoor restaurants in Cape Town, the Forries is the perfect choice, as we boast a child-friendly environment. Our restaurant designed a safe and engaging play area dedicated to children. This play space is equipped with various fun and exciting playground area games and equipment, keeping the little ones entertained while you unwind in the outdoor seating area. But what’s truly noteworthy is that the play area is strategically located within clear sight of the outdoor dining section.

This thoughtful design ensures that parents can keep an eye on their children playing without having to leave their table. This not only offers peace of mind to parents but also allows them to enjoy their meals or watch their favourite sports uninterrupted. Forries masters the art of catering to all age groups, ensuring a relaxing, enjoyable, and worry-free experience for everyone.

Outdoor Restaurants in Cape Town - Kids Play Area

Forrie’s present menu is crafted with care to cater to our guests under 12 years old, as we’re dedicated to providing a varied, healthy, and child-friendly dining experience. Our selection ranges from succulent beef burgers to crispy battered hake, tasty chicken strips, and the ever-popular Margherita pizza, promising to delight every palate. For the young ones with a flair for culinary creativity, we offer the opportunity to customise their pizzas with additional toppings. Meat lovers can opt for ham and bacon, while vegetarians can enhance their pizzas with pineapple and mushrooms. There is truly something for everyone at Forries.

Kid Eating Pizza

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4. One of the Few Pet Friendly Restaurants in Cape Town

Forries is one of the most unique and welcoming outdoor restaurants in Cape Town. What differentiates us from many other outdoor garden restaurants is that we are one of the few dog friendly restaurants in Cape Town and are happy to welcome not just humans but their furry friends, too! However, there is just a small condition: while your four-legged companions are most welcome, they must be kept on a lead at all times. This ensures the comfort and safety of all our patrons, both two-legged and four-legged. 

What’s more, the large, leafy trees provide ample shade on sunny days, and the heaters keep things cosy when the temperature drops, making it a perfect place to unwind with your fur child at any time of the year. So, if you’re planning a day out with your pet, Forries pub and restaurant is the perfect spot for you.

outdoor restaurants in Cape Town - Happy Dog

5. Outdoor Restaurants in Cape Town: Our Diverse Menu

The Forries menu is a diverse culinary journey, carefully crafted to cater to everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements. Whether you’re a meat-lover, vegetarian, or have specific food allergies such as gluten intolerance, Forries ensures that your dining experience is delightful and inclusive.

For those who prefer plant-based options, Forries offers a variety of vegetarian dishes that are as flavourful as they are nutritious, such as fresh salads, pizzas, various delicious startes. The menu also takes into consideration those with food allergies and offers banting pizza options.

outdoor restaurants in Cape Town - Forries Pizza

Forries doesn’t just stop at the main course. Our dessert menu is a sweet lover’s paradise, offering an array of decadent treats to end your meal on a high note. And for those who enjoy a drink or two, Forries boasts an impressive selection of wines, beers, and cocktails. No matter what your palate desires, there’s something for you at one of the best outdoor restaurants in Cape Town. Forester’s Arms.

outdoor restaurants in Cape Town - Cheesecake

6. Experience a Piece of History

Foresters Arms, affectionately known as Forries, is steeped in history, dating back to 1852. It stands as the oldest pub in South Africa, making it a significant piece of the country’s heritage. The land on which Forries now stands was once owned by a man named James Maynard and was called Papenboom.

Foresters Arms History

Over the decades, Forries has evolved from being an inn for travellers to an upmarket restaurant and pub. It’s not just its age that makes Forries special, but also its remarkable journey and evolution over the years. Lorraine Muir, who took ownership of The Foresters Arms when she was just 23 years old, has been at the helm for 30 years, overseeing its transformation and growth.

From its early days to its modern existence, Forries has remained a popular spot in Cape Town, drawing locals and tourists alike with its welcoming vibe, delicious food, and rich history. It’s a place where stories have been told and memories made, adding to the tapestry of South Africa’s vibrant cultural landscape of outside restaurants.

Foresters Arms Now

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a game, savour a meal, or simply relax in a tranquil setting, the outdoor seating area at Forries, complete with our delightful herb garden, promises a unique and enjoyable experience.

Visit Foresters Arms

Forries is one of the best outdoor restaurants in Cape Town, and we look forward to welcoming you, your family and friends. So, if you have been searching online for ‘outside restaurants near me’ or ‘outdoor restaurants near me’ in Cape Town, look no further than Forries.  Click on this link to secure your reservation by using the booking link or giving us a call on +27 (21) 689 5949, and stay connected with us on our social media platform for the latest updates and discussions and to stay in the loop with all our activities and events.

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