Finding Love At A Pub

Finding Love At A Pub In Cape Town

“Here’s how you could meet your soulmate in the best pub in Cape Town.”

We asked fans of Forries to contact us by submitting their epic stories so we could feature them in our bi-weekly blog. Here’s Claire’s outrageous story of finding love at a pub where she met her husband Mark at Forries in 2010.

“I had recently broken up with my ex-boyfriend, and my best friend Sarah decided to take me out to paint the town red. Forries is an institution in its own right in the Southern Suburbs, so we planned to grab a bite to eat and a few drinks before we hit the clubs in Claremont.

When we arrived, Forries was already packed inside, so we decided to sit outside in the beer garden. I love Forries beer garden; it’s so pretty at night with the lights in the trees!

The Beauty In The Beer Garden

We found a table and sat down in the Beer Garden when I caught a glimpse of a guy sitting at the table behind my friend. I was so drawn in by this stranger we stared at each other for a moment, and it was like everything else completely disappeared. I know how it sounds, like some cheap 90s romantic comedy, but the connection felt instant. So after we finished eating, I saw him and his friends getting up to leave. I was so disappointed, but I wouldn’t have had the guts to go and speak to him anyway.

At this point of the evening, Sarah and I decide we are going to hit the bar and really get the party started before going out dancing. So we walked inside to the bar and started doing shots. First some Ponchos, then a Jager bomb, then some Tequila and then a few more Tequila’s. The bar was packed, but we loved the atmosphere. After all these shots, I needed to sit down, so I found a lone stool to plop down onto. Sarah and I were chatting away when I suddenly noticed that the handsome stranger was standing with his back to me, chatting to his friends! I was like, no way! 

finding love at a pub
Foresters Arms Pub
Foresters Arms Pub

So I asked Sarah, who was rather tipsy, to slap him on the butt to get his attention. So she did. He looks over his shoulder but seems to think it was an accident. So I told Sarah to do it again and harder this time. Whack! This time he definitely felt it and turned around, put his arm around me and said, ‘And who has been smacking my bottom?’ So I pointed to Sarah and said, ‘She did it, but I told her to.’

And the rest is history; we’ve been together 12 years and happily married for 9.”


Tell Us Your Story

Claire and Mark have been together for 12 years and married for 9, and still laugh about how they first met. Who would have thought finding love at a pub could lead to a lifetime of happiness! Do you have a crazy story to tell us about when you visited Forries? Email us on … stories can be posted anonymously. Be sure to follow our journey on social media for the latest in competitions, events and announcements. 

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